Aforta Inspections

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What is Covered in Home Inspection

Drone Inspection

Ensuring safety and efficiency by offering a comprehensive aerial view for accurate evaluations and detailed documentation

Exterior Elements

Experience confidence in your home's exterior with our inspection, providing detailed assessments of crucial elements for durability and curb appeal.

Interior Elements

Discover Integrity and functionality of your home's interior elements with our inspection.

Electric System

Ensure home safety with our meticulous electric system inspections, guaranteeing a thorough assessment for peace of mind.

Plumbing System

Achieve peace of mind, ensuring a thorough evaluation for a home's essential water and drainage infrastructure.

Attic Inspections

Experience top-tier attic home inspections, blending advanced technology for comprehensive assessments.


Elevate your home inspection withour detailed bathroom assessments, ensuring optimal functionality and safety in these essential spaces.

Heating/Cooling System

Optimize your home environment with our detailed heating and cooling system inspection, ensuring efficient performance and climate control for your comfort.

Garage Inspection

Our garage inspections guarantee a thorough examination, ensuring the safety and functionality of this vital space in your home.

Foundation / Substructure

Ensure the strength and stability of your home with our meticulous foundation and substructure inspection, delivering confidence in the structural integrity of your property.

Site Elements

Our home inspection includes a thorough examination of site elements, ensuring your property's overall integrity and functionality from the ground up.

Moisture Detection

Experience a comprehensive home inspection with advanced moisture detection, uncovering hidden issues to safeguard your property against potential damage.

Carbon Monoxide Inspection

Ensure your home's safety with our meticulous carbon monoxide inspections, providing peace of mind through thorough assessments of potential hazards.

Kitchen Appliances Inspection

Trust our expert home inspection team to meticulously assess and ensure the optimal performance of your kitchen appliances, bringing peace of mind to your culinary haven.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is a valuable tool that can unveil concealed moisture and insulation issues not visible to the naked eye.

Know Your Home Before You Buy!!!